Keep Your Eye on What's Important


Unify Enterprise-Wide Distribution of Alerts and Notifications, and Monitor Exceptions and Events.


Comprehensive Subscription Module with Built-In Robust Queue Management and Delivery Tracking using Multiple Delivery Modes of Emails, SMS, Apps, Secure Devices & Desktops.


Extend to Invoke Automated Processes using Bots and Distribute Externally to Internal and External Consumers.

About Amplyfy


Designed to Unify Distribution of Exception Alerts & Reports across the Enterprise, with Smart Monitoring Linked Systems for Exceptions / Specific Events.


Comprehensive Subscription Module allows Users to Pick Alerts.


Built-In Robust Queue Management & Delivery Tracking.

Enterprise Wide

Link Unlimited Systems.


Use the tool to Invoke Process Automation (RPA) Bots.

Delivery Modes

Emails, Text Alerts, Secure Devices, Mobile Apps & Desktops.

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